FAQs - Notecards

What is a lined envelope?

Lined envelopes include a patterned paper, adhered by hand to the inside of the envelope flap. Unlined envelopes are plain envelopes without the patterned paper.

How many cards are in the set?

Notecards are sold in sets of ten cards and ten envelopes.

How do I seal the lined envelope?

You have just purchased your beautiful, lined envelopes and are now wondering how to seal them securely for mailing. The traditional method for sealing envelopes has been to lick or wet the adhesive.  But there are better ways to secure the flap and keep the design beautiful for your recipient. 

To seal the lined envelope, use glue dots or adhesive.

  • To use glue dots, place one dot approximately one-third of the way from the tip on both the left and right sides of the envelope flap, using a total of two dots.
  • To use a glue runner (or double-sided adhesive), run the glue from the tip of the envelope to halfway on the flap, leaving space by the crease of the envelope for your recipient to easily open the envelope.
  • After the adhesive is applied, fold the flap down, pressing firmly to secure and seal the envelope.

Glue dots and tape glue runners can be found at most craft or office supply stores. 

If you do choose to wet the adhesive, use caution to not get the envelope liner wet.  It is not waterproof and dark colors may bleed onto the adjacent envelope when sealed.