About Jennifer Paper


In a busy world full of text messages, emails and social media alerts, paper correspondence is still the way to have your message stand out. Jennifer Paper was founded on the belief that beauty and inspiration can be used for practical purposes. Whether it is an invitation, thank you note or greeting card to an old friend, paper lets us create a memorable message.

Since 2015, Jennifer Paper has been helping clients make memories by guiding them through the design of their wedding invitations, moving announcements and other life event cards. Business owners use our catchy line of business greeting cards to add a personal touch to their client relationships.

The feel and touch of paper makes a lasting impression. Jennifer Paper only uses high quality, thick card stock with beautiful textures.  The lined envelope is a proven winner for wowing your guests and recipients. We hand-line our envelopes with patterned paper inside the flap for that special touch.


The goal of Jennifer Paper is to create beautiful paper products that represent personal style and provide a meaningful connection among people.